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NYFW hiTechMODA Experience

This weekend, I got to be a part of my very first hiTechMODA NYFW show. I have volunteered backstage for NYFW shows in the past, but this time I got to be more involved in the production of the event. I spent Saturday helping out at fittings, working on little projects with the stylists, checking in models, and just trying to help out wherever I saw an opportunity to help prep for the show. It was great to finally meet the people I have been working with and seeing the contributions I’ve made to this show come to life. I created a marketing campaign for an upcoming event and it was surreal to see the printed out flyers and get to see people looking at my work.

Sunday was show day, I arrived early to help check-in models and get them to hair and makeup. I helped steam collections for a couple of designers, record video for hiTechaMODA, and was in charge of dressing the child models for one of the designers.

I loved being able to help out and getting the chance to interact with so many people that also love fashion. With the challenge of COVID-19, hiTechaMODA did an amazing job making sure everyone was still able to get the most out of this experience in a safe way.

I really enjoy working in teams, so this was the perfect environment for me. It is amazing to see everything come together on stage and knowing how many people contributed to the success. Towards the end of the event, I got to watch the show and the models did incredibly, they were so professional and the show was amazing.

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