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MODA MODELS UNLIMITED SUMMER 2020 issue, featuring 40 models

Fashion – the universal language that embraces the culture and talent of designers and models from around the world. Absent of gender, race, or origin, raw talent always breaks through the barriers.

As the world continues to navigate through Covid-19, we have seen many changes in a few months. An explosion of discussion about racism and inequality, disruption of our global supply chain, a shift away from fast fashion, the daily wearing of masks, virtual as a norm, isolation from loved ones, the uncovering of the “influencers” who spend their time only promoting themselves, and yet through this we have shifted to back to the basics of life. The resurfacing of the real influencers, the heroes we had forgotten! Our medical professionals, the personnel and staff who support them, the people who keep our environment clean, sanitation workers, janitors, cleaning staff, the organizations who are working on making a change for the better of the world. Had we just gotten too big, too quick?

Everything is shifting and moving. As entrepreneurs, these times bring opportunities to be part of the change. I am always looking to and studying trends to open doors for our designers, sponsors, models, and vendors. Even though I respect the past, hiTechMODA must look to the future. We have many exciting opportunities coming up, aligning with a leading modeling agency, continued educational growth for our models, and much more.

Our MODA MODELS Unlimited Summer Issue magazine has two covers: past and future. One honors the legacy of my mentor and friend, Stacey Schieffelin - her rise in the modeling industry and above. The other celebrates American Umma, a designer ahead of her time when I met her five or so years ago, with her dedication to ‘covered fashion’. Latiya Ghola and her brand is and was always on my radar. With her passion and direction toward the future, she should be on everyone’s radar.

I’m especially pleased to feature models in this issue who understand the need to stay on everyone’s radar with ongoing quality exposure. We hope to continue to be a part of your success.

We continue to move towards September 10, 2020, NYFW, keeping a close eye on NYC reopening status with everyone’s safety in mind. As we move towards a more “normal life,” I ask that you be patient and kind to all. You never know what another person could be experiencing and just not expressing; watch out and take care of the ones with no voice: the elderly, the sick (both physical and mental), children, and animals; this makes us humans.

I pray and wish much love and success to all and the world. We need each other right now. No one is an island.

Always, in fashion, Pamela


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