Alexis Miranda

Aktualisiert: 7. Apr 2020

From hometown girl to the runway in New York, Alexis has been active from coast-to-coast but manages to keep herself grounded.

Although new to the industry, Alexis has found that combining her love for dance and modeling have served her well. She is able to transform herself on the runway and on camera. Her acquired traits from dance have allowed her to morph into character by working her expressions and body language. Telling the designer's story through her modeling is her focus.

Alexis is passionate about having a purpose in all that she does. With modeling, if she can promote a cause or bring awareness to a social need, it is a Win, Win!

Alexis is currently represented by FordRBA in Arizona, models for GLS Collective, Fashion Ambassador for Daniela Jay Boutique, 2020 PageantDoor Teen Miss Arizona, Jr. Director for Sparkles Fun Beauty Pageant, MVP for High School Pom Squad, and a member of the National Honor Society.

Connect with Alexis: Ford/Robert Black Agency/AZ 480.966.2537

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