7Hands Design

Designer: Lindy Lopez

Collection: Indigo Dreams Photographer: AJPhotoz

HMU: New York Make up Academy


Drawing inspiration from South America and African art, Lindy amalgamates her design aesthetic into a beautiful, lush mélange of texture and patterns, juxtaposed into interesting assemblages that each use the aspects of design to convey a message of vibrant harmony. Her appreciation of world culture through textile design make each offering a wonderful mix of many medium working together to produce a unique expression of communication.

Her artistic talent is unmistakably demonstrated in each of her looks with an eye toward items that seem properly imagined using placement, proportion, and scale balanced perfectly by her unique sensibility. She is a connoisseur of fabrication and color, with a tasteful display of outrageous imagination fueled by her love of ethnic richness. The use of primitive and native palettes, with a view toward nature as a springboard to adapting techniques of volume, contrast, aspects of design highlighting a level of styling and profound use of accessories as the ultimate embellishment and accent.

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