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Just as fashion trends change, so does the way consumer shop. With brick and mortar stores closing at an alarming rate, people are shopping online for their purchases. Approximately 3 billion people have smart phones generating $517 billion this year on e-commerce, and this number is from the United States alone. In the last 6 months 79% of purchases made on smartphones, and 29.7% of the purchases were apparel and accessories. Designers and retailers are looking for new distribution channels from which to sell their merchandise.

Our state-of-the-art technology partner launched in April 2017, selling $3.3 million during Black Friday 2019, and is projected to sell $10 million on Black Friday in 2020. hiTechMODA has developed a turn-key social commerce program, in partnership with Women’s Leadership LIVE, that integrates a live social selling platform for inventory that is considered excess inventory or dead stock in a supplier’s warehouse or showroom, and also allows for a New York Fashion Week runway opportunity. We will work within your business model guidelines to assist in creating sales for your company, whether new merchandise or past seasons’ overstock, we can help move it.

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