Laura Marino


Laura Marino


Collection: The Magical World or Laura Marino

MODA Haute Coutre: Sat, Sep 7 @ 7:30 pm


Laura Marino. Designer | Stylist | Photographer | Producer.


Laura began her career some 30 years ago as a hairdresser and makeup artist, later adding photography and eventually taking the plunge into becoming a clothing and wardrobe designer. Her keen eye for construction and creativity manifested in custom head-to-toe looks for individual clients which morphed into her producing an actual collection. Each piece is an individual artistic expression, a piece of art that conceptually flows with elements ranging from exotic, fantastical, eclectic, modern and hi-fashion couture. Her talent for creating the “total package” for each custom look she creates allows her to use all aspects of her vision and imagination channeled through her many prolific talents.


hiTechMODA is her New York debut and marks the next step in her evolution and artistic journey.


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NYFW hiTechMODA Designer Laura
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