Fernandita Salazar Fashion Designer


Collection: Lace Chimera

SAT, SEP 7 @12:00 pm


Fernandita started as a model when only 4 years of age. She is currently the most Exclusive Model at DC International Models and DC Kids Fashion Couture. Despite her age, she has been recognized in important Runways, both national and international.


Wanting to experience the same sensation as designers do, when they see their models wearing their clothes, Fernandita started working with her dolls;  fixing up their hair and dressing them in different costumes and accessories. She became inspired to start her line (with the help of some exceptional individuals who believe in her talent), Fernandita Salazar Fashion Designer, and showcased her first collection "Candy Rain" during DC Kids Fashion Couture, in April of 2019.  


Her 2nd collection, "Lace Chimera" will be presented during New York Fashion week when she takes the hiTechMODA runway on Saturday, September 7 @ noon.


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