Young Gods Clothing Brand .was created in 2015 by NYC based Fashion Designer Eunika Simmons and her two children Nigel and Carlos Simmons.


They created a brand to represent the younger generation of high end fashion conscious youths who inspire to make a positive difference in the world.


Nigel is 16 yrs. old and aspires to be an Architect/Engineer and Carlos is a 12 yr old scholar who plays the keyboard as well as love engaging in a multitude of creative Arts.


They are the owners of this brand and represent young entrepreneurs in America.


Young Gods inspires one to reach their fullest potential as they are reminded by Images/Logos/Art/Photos placed on each handmade garment to be your very best...


Young Gods represent a lifestyle that younger people can adopt at any age which encourages good moral and ethical character. The brand wishes the future generations are responsible, loving, helpful, beautiful, happy and Great Human Beings and expresses this as much as possible through captions shared on social media.


Young Gods only uses Natural fabrics such as cottons, silks, linens, etc... Every design is custom made and hand crafted with love and consideration. There is no factory usage to make any of the clothing as Eunika Simmons (mother of the entrepreneurs and the head designer of the company) spends her time sketching, designing, cutting, sewing and creating these one of a kind Young Gods clothing pieces. She’s also the brand manager and creative director of Young Gods clothing Brand.

Young Gods launched its first collection during season 7 of Atlantic City Fashion Week and was featured in I-Fashion magazine.

The second collection launched during season 8 at Atlantic City Fashion week by the Claridon Hotel. 

The third collection launched during SoHo Fashion Week in May of 2016.


We have gone on to participate in many shows such as Philadelphia Kids Fashion Week, Celebs in Fashion show, Fashion on the Hudson, Kids Fashion Week, Uptown Kids Fashion Week, Miss Black America Pageant, CT Music Awards, Golden Kids Runway, Ready To Wear Fashion Week, Runways on Fire, Fashion Noire, Fashion Sizzle, and many more.


We have earned our place in magazine publications such as Kids Fashion Magazine, Petite Magnifique Magazine, I-Fashion Magazine as stated earlier, and Dixie Magazine.