Shari Henry

Designer Shari Henry, a Washington, D.C. native, always had big dreams in the fashion industry. Growing up in D.C., she was surrounded by many different people with their own unique style, and always wanted to create designs that too had a unique style. Shari resides in Washington, D.C. and is the mother of two beautiful girls, Tori and Ava who inspire her everyday to be a great role model.


With having a strong family history of skilled professionals in this field, becoming part of this industry only felt natural for her. A grandmother who was a seamstress in NYC during the 1950’s, a grandfather who was a tailor, an aunt who graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology as a pattern-maker, and parents that both have excellent sewing skills played a major influence on Shari’s skills.

Entering Fashion Institute of Technology in the Fall of 2004, Shari was so excited and eager to begin her journey. “I can recall staying up late nights.” Moving to New York was not a culture shock for Shari. She had been traveling to New York, where her father was born and raised, all her life to visit relatives. For Shari, it was a breeze adjusting to the “big city”. She knew what was in store for attending such a competitive school like FIT: High fashion, Fast pace, Great amounts of hard work, and Time consuming days. Thinking that she had the right mind set, she noticed everything wasn’t how she thought it would be. A major change for her was the work load. “While many other students had special high schools for fashion design, I didn’t. I struggled with every fashion course I had, but tried my best and gave it my all. Luckily, I made it through my first semester by determination and lots of prayer.”

“I hope to become a household name and have companies I can pass down to my daughters, Tori and Ava. I wish to inspire young people to follow their own dreams and never let them fade away through fear or negativity. To the future aspiring fashion designers coming to FIT, be prepared because it’s not easy, and if you find that it is always challenge yourself.

Remember that nothing is impossible. Stay focused and know that in the end, hard work always pays off.” As a 2008 graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, Shari has many roads she can take, but the path she has chosen is to create her own company. With the experience in the fashion industry she gained throughout college life, she feels confident to take on the fashion industry. Because of Shari’s tremendous talent, we will see lots of her in the years to come.