Melanie Müllers

Melanie Stemmler was born in Guatemala and grew up in
Germany part of her life surrounded by creativity, art,
passion and good taste. From her mother and father, she
inherited a mixture of cultures of Spanish, Germans and
Guatemalan ancestors, who nurtured her love for fashion
since childhood. Her career in the world of fashion
formally began in 2011 in the event of Mrs. Globe when
the universe conspired that her own designs where worn
throughout the event opened the doors for Mercedez
Fashion Week in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, sharing
the catwalk with Pineda Covalin from Mexico.
Again in 2015, she participated in Mrs. Universe and her
designs for the event were highly commented by fashion
bloggers. In 2016 she made the decision to continue with
her desire to create and began designing her first
collection. In 2018, she present her first collection at the
HightechMODA Fashion Show in New York, because she
believes that the Tailornova software, technology is the
new era of Fashion Design.

The concept of Crystal St. Marie for the HitechMODA
2018, is Wonder Woman that woman helps to draw
the inner strength that all women have inside. Women are
mothers of all humanity, we can be intelligent, beautiful,
strong, wise, kind and courageous. Women are big, small,
prominent and thin. Women are mothers, sisters,
daughters, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, we are
of all races. The wonder woman lives in each one of us,
we can be what we want, I see only beautiful faces in all
and I learn, I acquire knowledge, be all that you dare to
dream. My collection aims to be the armor of trust in each
of the wonder women that surrounds me.