Lindy Lopez

7Hands Design designs and creates handmade adornment that is unique and rooted in natural materials that are sourced from around the world. The  clothing is made only from natural fabrics.


Lindy Lopez's designs start with traditional fabrics that have been reinterpreted into modern timeless clothes to wear for years to come. The customers find themselves grabbing these clothes to wear at the beach or in the boardroom…wherever they want to make an impact.


Made By customer request, she has also designed and produced a line of travel clothing that uses an incredible breathable fabric made from poly-spandex. These
pieces coordinate beautifully with the natural fiber clothing.


Lindy Lopez designs a line of jewelry to perfectly complement the clothing and as beautiful additions to any wardrobe. The
beads are carefully selected and artfully mixed to create special pieces that anyone will be proud to own – many tell a story.

By purchasing from 7Hands Design, our customers are
supporting a woman-owned American business; with dedication to artisan craft, enabling customers to express their personal style and love of art, color, and culture.